Silkscarf Riesling 2006 (and other Summerland treats)

Roie at Silk Scarf is particularly proud of his Reisling, with good reason. This 2006 vintage accompanied smoked salmon, ripe grape tomatoes and aged cheddar on our light Monday night meal. Not a really dry Riesling, this fruit forward wine has a definite golden apple mixed with citrus and a hint of ripe peach.

Silk Scarf Winery is one of the very new (opened August 2006) Summerland, BC wineries that are cropping up. These include Dirty Laundry Winery, Adora, Hollywood & Wine, Sonoran Estate Winery, and BC Wine Lover's favourite Summerland destination, Thornhaven.

Roie, a former jet pilot, hails from Israel and settled in Summerland because he thought it was a burgeoning wine region prone to experimentation. The winery name references the old WWI fighter pilots, who used to wear silk scarves.

Summerland's back country farms and vineyards are a heavenly spot, and we look forward to returning here next year.