BC Wine Lover 2007 Wine Picks from Stacey

I have been thinking about my list of top wine picks for last year. It is a tough decision to make, we tried and loved so many great wines! I will put forth my top 5, and challenge Mike to do the same! These are in no particular order, just the wines which really stood out for me.

Thornhaven Estates Chardonnay 2004 – as my experience with Chardonnay is probably greater than with any other varietal, I have a strong affinity for this carmel coloured wine. I like the solid feel and lingering finish to it.

Sumac Ridge Anniversary Pipe – Sumac Ridge's "Pipe" is an apt descriptor of this port style wine. I love having a glass with some chocolate, or just on its own. We buy a bottle of Pipe each year upon visiting Sumac Ridge, and the 25th Anniversary warranted buying two bottles.

Quails' Gate Estate Winery Old Vines Foch 2005 – this lovely red was a hit for me. Quails' Gate produces some very fine wine, and this one really stood out. It's medium-heavy body made it versatile for pairing with nice sharp cheddar cheese or, as when we had ours, a nice steak!

Hawthorne Mountain Gewürztraminer 2005 – a beautiful peach/pink coloured Gewürztraminer, this was a solid standout from Hawthorne Mountain. As the focus going forward is on the See Ya Later brand, this unfortunately may be one of the last available from the Hawthorne Mountain label. If you can still find this Gewürztraminer in the stores, I recommend buying a bottle or two to enjoy this spring.

As for the Hawthorne label, See Ya! It's been good knowing you.

Inniskillin Okanagan Reserve Merlot 2003 – always a treat to visit this winery, we have consistently enjoyed their Merlot. I thought this Merlot had a little bit more to it, a bit of a kick not normally found in a Merlot (maybe a result of the fires that year?).

There were more that I could vouch for as a top pick for 2007, but I will hand the reins over to Mike to take a stab at his selections!