BC wine for pizza night

You want that glass of table wine for supper on a Tuesday night, or for pizza night on a Thursday because you didn't go shopping, or you're just too beat to cook. If you're a BC wine drinker what constitutes affordable table wine?

If you're on a budget, breaking out the $18 bottle of Nk'Mip Chardonnay or Monster Vineyards Merlot is not an option.

We haven't found an affordable BC wine yet that stacks up to $10 bottles Italy or California produces. But at $12.95 per bottle the Wild Horse Canyon wine series comes close.

The Globe and Mail's Beppi Crosariol has a very thoughtful write-up on WHC wines, and the fact they are not produced from imported juice like too much Canadian wine.

If you've been stuck at a dinner party next to loud wine bores, you are familiar with the word [terroir]. French for "land" or "soil", it usually gets more loosely translated as "a sense of place," as in "a wine should taste like it came from a specific place…"

Wild Horse Canyon…wears its origin explicitly on its label. Consumers know where the wines come from because it says on the label.

Where the grapes are sourced is from is BC, Washington and California, which according to the winemakers helps them "craft the perfect wines."

We can vouch for Wild Horse Canyon being a tasty and affordable BC wine for a weekday meal.