Wine Enthusiast Guide for iPhone

Wine Search iPhone appIf you know our household, I have to be careful about  getting too boastful about what my iPhone can do. I must admit, though I was one of the first on my block to get this device (3G was only rolled out last July in Canada), I'm waay behind in getting caught up on all the cool new iPhone apps.

There really is something for everyone, including wine lovers. WineCast does a review of the Wine Enthusiast Guide iPhone app, and gives it four stars out of five. This is the perfect idea for smartphone technology. How many times have you stood in an aisle at the liquor store looking for something to buy? Think about having all that time back!

I can see an application like this, once it gets a significant database that includes some of BC's best wine, becoming a must-have personal appliance.

Just think if it had GPS data tied into the database to know what your local beer or wine store carried in stock! You could not only find the local store, but enter your preferences for taste, or the type of meal or occasion. You just have to walk in the door, grab our choices off the shelf and get on with sipping.

We're slowly going to look at more technology geared towards the wine lover here at BC Wine Lover in the months ahead. Send us your ideas or post a comment!