Tonight’s #BCWineChat: Free Our Grapes (UPDATED)

Liberal MP Scott Brison stepped in to cooperate with Dan Albas, Bill C-311 back on HoC agenda next week!

UPDATE: Dan Albas has just tweeted that Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison has kindly offered a time slot in the House of Commons NEXT WEEK to continue the third reading of Bill C-311. Now #BCWineChat can focus on keeping up the pressure on our MPs to support this important legislation!


Tonight's #BCWineChat is sure to be a spirited discussion. After last week's positive impact on the corkage discussion, this week the Twitterati will be weighing in on the events relating to Bill C-311. With the news that the Bill will get another chance next week, there will should be a spirit of anticipation over this last minute reprieve thanks to some bi-partisan cooperation.

The Twitter discussion happens at the usual time — Wednesday (this evening) at 8pm. Just follow the #BCWineChat hashtag. It's expected that MP Dan Albas (@DanAlbas) the sponsor of this Private Member's Bill will join in to provide the perspective from our nation's capital.

For more information, see the Free My Grapes website, and follow the #freemygrapes hashtag on Twitter.

– post by Mike