Special #BCWineChat Wednesday: #freemygrapes goes coast to coast — spread the word!

#BCWineChat Becomes #FreeMyGrapes — One Week Only

Special 4 hour tweet-a-thon from Canadian Wine Supporters – send a message about Bill C-311

When:     Wednesday June 13, 2012

Time: 5pm-9pm PDT (that’s you BC-Yukon)
  6pm-10pm MDT (that’s you Alberta)
  7pm-11pm CDT (that’s you Sask, MB)
  8pm-12pm EDT (that’s you Ontario, QC)
  9pm-1am ADT (that’s you NS/NB/PEI)
  9:30pm-1:30am NDT (that’s you NL)


Things are at a critical juncture right now…

It's important that we send a message from across Canada using the hashtags #FreeMyGrapes and #CdnPoli that we support the spirit of Bill C-311 which passed with unanimous approval on June 6 in the House of Commons. It has yet to pass the Senate (hopefully by the end of June) and then the provinces will have to implement it.

Saying what this bill means to your business, what it means to you as a consumer, what it means to raising the awareness of all Canadian wine, and whatever else you can think of, are all messages that need to get to politicians in Canada loud and clear. Tell your friends who value Canadian wines to get on the chat during the hours listed and be vocal!

Note: If you only have room for one hashtag choose #FreeMyGrapes as we want it to TREND NATIONWIDE!

Tweet Early…Tweet Often and don’t forget to use #FreeMyGrapes and #cdnpoli hashtags


For more information about Bill C-311 see www.winelaw.ca.

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