Grown up laws for liquor tested at Gran Fondo

BC’s archaic liquor laws get a modest update during the 2013 Gran Fondo to Whistler, BC.

GranFondo Whistler becomes a test event as province reviews strict liquor policy

Report by Jennifer Palma, Global BC News

One change at this year’s GranFondo Whistler has come as a result of a review of B.C.’s liquor laws.

In Europe, it’s common place to serve alcohol in public space, including after a Granfondo. Now, Whistler is among the first to test run if it’s feasible for minors to be with their families in beer gardens.

“I think the reason that we were chosen is because the average age here is 48,” said Kevin Thomson with Granfondo Whistler. “We’re not going to be rowdy. It is a very respectable crowd. You just want to celebrate with a glass of wine or a beer at the end with your family and your friends.”

During today’s event, adults attending the beer garden wore a wristband identifying them as of age to drink, ensuring minors wouldn’t be served alcohol.

The trial event allowed those under 19 because the Bearfoot Bistro serving in the garden was approved for a catering license.

“In the past, it was always very complicated,” Andre Saint Jacques with the bistro told Global News. “I think the government has listened to us. As we can see today, everyone is having a great time. It is just a change that had to be done.”

The event comes as the province is undergoing a liquor policy review.

A report is expected by the end of November.