OK Crush Pad celebrates #EarthDay organic milestone

Okay, we’re the first to admit when we are a little late to the party. We discovered a ‘draft’ post with images from a wine publicity event from last year (!) we could not resist dusting it off for our readers.

Why? Because the news is too cool not to share after all this time has passed.

Edible Canada’s lovely store/restaurant at Granville Island was the venue. E.C.’s CEO Eric Pateman was present to speak to the relationship between unique Canadian culinary experiences and the best wines our country produces.

The occasion was really to celebrate a new line of organic and natural ferment sparkling wines. Pioneering wineries such as Summerhill Pyramid in Kelowna’s Mission District have paved the way for organic and biodynamic wines. Okanagan Crush Pad with their Ancient Method sparkling winemaking styles take it to the next level.

As always thank you to our hosts at Okanagan Crush Pad and Edible Canada for including us in this debut of these tantalizing culinary & sparkling wine pairings.