#CanadianWineForAll Supreme Court challenge needs your support

As longtime supporters of Canada’s wine industry sector, we think that the effort to grow the industry by tearing down restrictive trade barriers between provinces is a fight worth having. On behalf of a bold group of wine producers, we would like to encourage all of us who love the wine and culture that they bring to our country—in our restaurants, at our festivals, and at our dining room tables—to support the effort to take the matter of internal trade in our country to the Supreme Court.

We are spreading the word, and encourage our readers and BC wine lovers everywhere to get behind #CanadianWineForAll and donate to their GoFundMe page. Here is a bulletin from the group who are making the interprovincial shipping of liquor case R. v. Comeau a big priority for local wine producers and consumers alike.


The Canadian wine industry has thrived over the last three decades with wineries and grape growers working to create quality wines and build a loyal following.  It employs thousands of people, contributes more than $10 billion to the Canadian economy and is a cornerstone of tourism and culture. Wineries add richness to our culinary scene and buy local movements, and are a shining example of value-added farming, and what can be achieved when we work together.

Now is the time to let Canadian wineries know that they matter.

  • Please help us send a strong message to government (local, provincial and federal) that the Canadian wine industry is vital to our economy, tourism and culinary culture and worthy of support. The best way to get this message out is to reach as many people across Canada as we can. This is starting in BC, but we need to move it across the entire country.
  • Funds need to be raised to take this important message to the Supreme Court of Canada. If successful, our efforts will help ALL Canadian wineries; small and large. The Interveners have not received funding from our provincial or national trade associations, so this is very much a grassroots effort. Five small BC wineries have supported the case to date with $70,000, but much more is needed.

Support the campaign! Please consider sharing the Go Fund Me link: https://www.gofundme.com/canadian-wine-for-all.

Read more! See the news release about the Supreme Court challenge.

Let’s make sure there is #CanadianWineForAll!