Visiting Noble Ridge Winery in Okanagan Falls, BC

Visiting Noble Ridge Winery in Okanagan Falls, BC

Noble Ridge Winery's Leslie D'Andrea speaks with

It's all about the stories. That's why we do It's also the reason writers like John Schreiner have so much zeal for exploring the BC wine scene. There are so many stories.

This week we had the pleasure to make our first stop at Noble Ridge Winery, which is located in the desert region just between Vaseux Lake (the protected nature sanctuary to their south) and Skaha Lake at Okanagan Falls, BC, to the north. It was a blazing hot July afternoon when we got to speak with Leslie D'Andrea, who along with husband Jim created Noble Ridge early in this decade. They first settled part-time in the area, living in a tent trailer and using an outhouse as a biffy, about 10 years ago. They've since built a fine wine tasting room which opened in 2006.

Leslie manages the business affairs of the winery, and along with Jim they are both on a quest to make the best wine they can. We can vouch for their tasty selections – in particular their Chardonnay.

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